Great style is timeless. The photo is from the 1930s, but this beach wear wouldn't look out of place in the present day. I particularly like the sunglasses.

It is presumably a staged photo, but conveys the feeling of a snapshot. Super!

BTW this is a *very* famous actress, from the golden age of Hollywood. Can you name her?

@fitheach No. "very" for low values of 'famous' I guess! ;-)
But I could be alone in this. Mind you, the oldest woman I know would have been in her early teens in the mid 1930's...

Ginger Rogers was definitely one of the big Hollywood stars of the 1930s and 40s, and is a name still widely recognised to-day.

@fitheach I do know that name. It goes with the fred astaire name, but him I can see in my mind.
You, like most people I know, watch a lot more movies than i do.

Of course, it is one of my hobbies, particularly movies from the golden age.

@fitheach A guy I know watches a docu and a movie or even two Every Night!


I don't watch that many. Maybe one or two per week, max.

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@fitheach I wouldn't think so - my friend is a bit extreme! He's long since retired and a videographer/editor by trade.

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