Yes, but the weather wasn't like in the photo. In fact, both times I have been at Brodgar it was overcast, with flat grey skies.

@gairsty @fitheach
We were there in April a couple of years ago. It was snowing in Edinburgh but I was sitting outside in the sun in a t shirt having a beer, there was hardly even a breeze.

@fitheach the site they're excavating just along the road is phenomenal.

Ness of Brodgar? I've not seen it or heard much about it.

@fitheach its one of the regular walks I take the #DogueDeBourdeaux here in #Orkney. She loves dashing around it chasing bunnies.

It must be a great place for a dog walk. Do you encounter lots of other dog walkers?

Lovely dog BTW.

@fitheach plenty! But she is the only #DogueDeBourdeaux in all of #Orkney which makes her even more specialer!

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