Abhainn Gharadh.

Photo taken exactly ten years ago (this scene looks totally different to-day, due to the huge amount of rain in recent days, and the continuing high winds).

On the day of the photograph it was wind still. So, I decided to take the photo with a slow shutter speed (one whole second). The trees weren't moving (so, no blur), but the fast flowing water would get a cotton-wool effect. I was in the midst of a cotton-wool phase anyway 😉 , but I did this intentionally to bring some brightness to the otherwise dark waters.


My river photo had to be taken on the tripod, as one whole second is too long for a handheld shot (particularly as this was before I had in-camera image stabilisation).

However, using the tripod was a piece of luck, as I noticed this incredible lichen at one of the feet. Ten years later, and I still don't know what kind of lichen, but it is supremely beautiful.

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I find close-up and macro photography endlessly fascinating, because one can see details of a world that is usually too small to be resolved by unassisted human eyesight.

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