A friend gave me some quails' eggs, this week. Aren't they cute? The blotches, and the tiny size is what makes them so pretty. I can only presume that hens have been selectively bred for centuries to have non-blotchy eggs, and I can't think why.

The quails' eggs were between 10 - 14g, compared to ~65g for a large hens' egg. I added a hens' egg to the photo as a visual comparison.

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The friend, Laura, has 16 quails which she uses to produce eggs for sale. She told me that they are particularly popular with people from Poland, where quails' eggs are considered a real delicacy.

So, what did I do with them?

I fried them, and ate them for breakfast. Nothing fancy, but that is how Laura eats them, too.

The "white" is much less white than hens' eggs, and are almost translucent. They also cook very quickly, which might just be due to their small size.

They do have a quite distinctive taste, but it is very mild. I did enjoy them. However, I'm not sure I'd want to eat them for breakfast every morning, the tiny size makes them a faff to cook.

@fitheach @jamie I bought some years ago and only had the patience to hard boil, then roll to crack, then peel. They're too small for me to reliably crack when raw without squishing the contents everywhere..

Yup, the small size and thin shells do make them difficult to handle.

Laura also told me that the empty shells are very popular for making Easter decorations. For this purpose a small incision is made in the shell, and the egg is sucked out. The shells are then lacquered.



They are super delicious. They are also a delicacy in France by the way.

I had a feeling the quails' eggs were probably a delicacy in France, too. However, we don't have many French people here. There was a big influx of Polish people about 10-15 years ago. They were attracted by the higher wages, and free movement due to EU membership.

@fitheach boiled quail eggs is a street food here in the philippines. Sells for [0.8 USD] for 10 pieces, plus some salt.

I would think it would be difficult to get the shells off.

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