These are clearly escaped domestic ducks. I was some distance away from any habitations, so, these probably escaped some time ago (maybe even second generation).

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Image stabilisation (IBIS) is a great thing. The photo was taken at 400mm (35mm equivalent) at ⅛th of a second. Without IS it wouldn't be possible.

To-day's walk was unadventurous, but very pleasant. I managed to time it before the heavens opened, and the torrential rain started. Truly, weather for ducks.

I soon left the tarmac road, and walked along the edge of the Abhainn Airceig (river). All the recent rain meant the river was swollen, and the path was very wet underfoot.

Part of a continuing series: my bridge period. 😃

I wonder where this bridge will lead me.

I took my life into my own hands (feet?) by crossing the bridge, and then coming back again. The bridge walkway was in a very poor condition, and looked likely to collapse at any moment.

I didn't continue on the path because I knew where it would take me.

This is a side view of Achnacarry Castle (actually a grand house with castellated bits), home of the Clan Chief of the Camerons, otherwise known as "Locheil".

Had I continued on the path it would have taken me to the walled garden, and then the backdoor of the castle. I didn't want to disturb the Camerons on a Sunday.

Interesting aside: it has become a tradition that the eldest son (and therefore future clan chief) is always called Donald Cameron.

I suppose it avoids those difficult discussions about which name to choose.

I saw a huge Cypress tree (sorry, I don't know which one), with a fascinating soft bark. The tree trunk had a diameter of, at least, two metres.

The holes were made by a woodpecker.

Homeward bound.

Shortly after taking the tree photo I decided to head for home. The sky looked ominous. Five minutes after getting home the long-threatened torrential rain started, and it lasted for one hour. I was lucky.

The way home on the northbound A82 trunk road.

Still a very good picture despite your hi tech justifications 😀

Actually, I did cross the bridge, but then came back. I knew where the bridge would take me, and I didn't want to go there. More about that in a moment, or two.

No cats BTW.

@fitheach The Scots are not known for having a variety of first names, I believe.

I was going to disagree with you, then I remembered my first name is Iain.

@fitheach Where I went to university, there were about four Mike MacDonalds.


That's quite a coincidence. Were they related?

@fitheach Related? Well, possibly all Clanranald.

Michael was the most popular boy's name in Canada when I was a child. And it was one of the names that many #CapeBreton Mrs. MacDonalds found acceptable.

Bridges alwaus lead somewhere nice otherwise, why would someone have gone to all that trouble :)

Well, they certainly always lead somewhere, or else they would be a folly. Do all bridges lead somewhere nice?

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