This stunning photo was taken by film director, actor and photographer, Fan Ho, in 1954.

Ho was famous for taking candid photos of street life and the city architecture of Hong Kong, in the 1950s and 60s. His striking use of light and shadow, exemplified in "Approaching Shadow", led to him being linked to the Bauhaus art movement.

Does it change your opinion of the photo when I tell you that Fan Ho staged the shot by arranging for his cousin to pose as the human subject?

Furthermore, does it change your opinion of the photo when I tell you that the diagonal shadow was added by Fan Ho, in the darkroom? In reality, the wall didn't have a shadow.


@fitheach I'm still going no, film shot on a set aren't real life but I don't think that it's fraudulent because it is a set and not an actual outdoor scene


Devil's advocate:
I guess you are referring to fiction films. I would agree that they aren't fraudulent, as they aren't setting out to deceive (usually). Many films, often for legal reasons, display disclaimers that they aren't portraying real life.

On the other hand street photos do, without stating as such, imply that they are showing real life. A moment of real-life, frozen in time.

Many people will realise that photos are often staged, but the vast majority do not.

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