Only two days late for a white Christmas, but I awoke this morning to discover it had been snowing overnight.

Hmmm, I might manage some photos later.

I managed a few photos when I got outside, but ten minutes later the blizzard started, and visibility was reduced to one metre. The far distance is obscured in the photo due to the storm coming down the glen, towards me.

I did enjoy getting outside, and I much prefer snow to the torrential rain we had a few days ago.


Five minutes before the snow storm hits.

This is the view across the glen to the other side. If you look closely you can see many black dots (just to the left of the foreground larch tree) which are actually deer, digging in the snow to uncover something to eat. Times are hard for the wildlife.

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Zero minutes to the snow storm.

The front-edge of the storm is now upon me. Looking back along the glen, and my view is seriously restricted. Another two minutes and my visibility is reduced to one metre.

I just had time to take a quick photo of the mare's tail waterfall behind me, but it was a challenge, as my lens (and hood) was filling-up with snow.

I may come back for another photo to-morrow, as I suspect the water will be frozen.

My camera and lens are now, at home, drying out. Thankfully, both are weather-proof.

As expected the weather will be good to-day. I might manage a few more photos, later.

I'll just need to dig the van out of the snow first, ready for to-morrow's return to work.

I'm wondering where the deer have taken shelter. I guess they must be used to this kind of weather, but still ...

Lower down the glen, along the edge of the river is a band of trees (mostly alder). The deer like to shelter, and hide, among these trees.

Thanks, glad you like it. I think it is atmospheric, but plenty of scope to improve the shot. 😃

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