I had Butter Chicken (curry-like, with lots of sauce) for dinner on Friday and Saturday. I used shredded cabbage on the first evening, and courgetti on the Saturday. They both worked really well as rice (or naan) replacements. The cabbage probably has the edge for mopping-up the sauce.

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@fitheach Today I learned the name for zucchinis on the other side of the pond. (Or re-learned? I can't recall if I have heard the name before.)

One summer we had such an abundance of them from the garden that my wife has developed a hatred for them. Haven't eaten them in years.

Which is why I mentioned the name "zoodles" in my blog article.

I love courgettes, very versatile, and also low in carbs. If you have some spare this summer, send them over. 😃

@fitheach We live in an apartment now. My wife still hates them. I won't be allowed to grow them again, even in a container. 🙂

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