British exports to the EU countries fell by 40% in January (compared to the previous year).

Who'd have thunk it? 馃檮

That 40% figure, in combination with the effects of covid, is a portent of a coming catastrophe. The EU was the UK's largest export market. The Lockdown is probably just masking a terrible economic collapse.

However, it gets worse, a lot worse.

Scotland is a small country which has to exist economically by having strong exports (and we have always *had* strong exports).

Here are the figures for some of Scotland's strongest food export sectors:

fish & shellfish down 83%
meat down 59%
dairy down 50%

EU exports in general down 63%

@tsturm @fitheach Sadly, we can't rely on the people of the UK to make wise choices.

@fitheach @tsturm I personally don't think the Brexit referendum was democratic, due to the way it was set up.
And while we're on the topic, I don't think FPTP is democratic either. To my mind, it is the root of all evil.

That's an amazing coincidence! I'm currently watching "The Root of All Evil" (1947) starring Phyllis Calvert. Very good it is, too.


@fitheach @tsturm Thanks for the tip! I just watched The Razor's Edge, and tonight it's Gilda. I've seen them both before, but I never mind watching a good movie again.

Gilda is great, one of my favourites. Glenn Ford and George Macready are both great in the movie, but the standout is Rita Hayworth, of course. Rita was also at her most gorgeous in this film.


@fitheach @wim_v12e @tsturm well you Scottish peoplehave a reputation of stubbornly doing your thing so maybe you make it :)

@fitheach @wim_v12e @tsturm tough I'm not certain if that reputation is only created in movies. Are you?

@wim_v12e @tsturm

"Men go to bed with Gilda, but wake up with me."

@52fighters @fitheach

That was back when we were part of the EU, and the case for Catalan independence was running strongly.

All of the nationalist "independence from the EU" movements in EU countries are looking at the shitshow in the UK, and saying "Nope!" :))

@52fighters @fitheach

Also Spain has explicitly said that as the UK is now a third country, they aren't worried about the UK splitting up.

And the other EU countries have already said that they would welcome Scotland joining. :D

Was that article about this year's Rosenmontag? I can't find a date on the page.

The float (linked to in the article) depicting Theresa May shooting herself in the mouth was a classic.


Due to the lockdown there were no big Rosenmontag parades this year. Both the picture and the article are from 2020. But the attitude towards Scotland and the Brexit hasn't changed 馃榾

Aye, thought so.
It's nice to be wanted. 馃槂

The float from the 2017 parade with Theresa May shooting herself was received with very mixed feelings:

Yup, that's the one.
I wonder if he considered her shooting her foot, instead of in her mouth?

In the German idiom you shoot yourself in the knee ("ein Schuss ins Knie") rather than in the foot. But both images wouldn't have been as drastic and wouldn't have implied the political suicide she actually did commit.

From an artistic (sculpture) point-of-view it is more difficult to represent someone shooting themselves in either the knee or the foot.

I had the same thought, especially with moving floats where the scultpure has to be reduced to the bare minimum so that even in a crowd the onlookers can grasp the gist instantly.

@fitheach Does the relative success of the vaccination programme in the UK in comparison with the EU affect people's perception of the EU?

I shouldn't think so. Views about the EU are very entrenched, on both sides.

Is the vaccination programme relatively successful in the UK, compared to the EU? I don't know.

@fitheach @mpjgregoire Afaik, its slightly better than in France.
But it would be very hard to do worse, so not sure how much this means.

@Meandres @fitheach The UK has managed to vaccinate almost 40% of its population, the EU about 10%. See

(The US is almost as good as the UK, Canada is worse than the EU.)

I'm surprised this is not well known; this is arguably the most important chart in the world at the moment.

#ukpol #eupol #uspol #canpol

I'm not aware that this is a particular talking point in the UK (or the press), although I might not have my finger on the pulse, currently.


@fitheach @Meandres Interesting. Maybe the #Tory press talks about it?

It's also true that the UK has had a bad pandemic overall, with high per capita fatalities in comparison with your neighbours; vaunting the vaccination rate would be short-sighted and churlish.

Still there's reason to hope the pandemic will effectively come to an end in the UK in a few months.

#ukpol #covid19

By any measure 125k dead (in the UK) is a terrible statistic.


@fitheach @Meandres Terrible indeed. Looking at #OurWorldInData, cumulative per capita deaths, it may yet be that more countries catch up with that sad result.


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