Lidl sell a very good brand of Bratwurst (Dulano).

I had intended to eat just three, but they were so good, I ate all six.

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In return Lidl in Germany sells Scottish cheddar as a special before Christmas. 🙂

They sell Scottish cheddar here, too. I always choose the extra mature, uncoloured.

@fitheach If you ever get a chance to go to Germany, get Bratwurst from a real butcher. Or tell me which city you're in and I might give you a hint where to go if I know the city.

I used to live in Germany, near to Stuttgart. In former times, I made my own Bratwurst, but haven't done so, recently. The Dulano Bratwursts are a useful time saver.

@fitheach That's pretty 😎 I only make my own bread now - it's what Germans miss most when they go abroad. I want a meal, I don't want carbohydrates spun around air. Of course, there are also local dishes here that I love. Haggis, for example 😍

I also used to make my own bread:
but since then I've started following a diet. Even though haggis is a bit carbie, I still eat it as an occasional treat.

@fitheach Saoilidh mi gum biodh barrachd ùidh agam san aran-choirce :)

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