My immediate thoughts were that this is not a good thing and will dilute the drive for independence but, having read some of the opinions since the announcement, I'm not so sure that is the case.
I was pretty sure of how I would vote in May until this muddied the water a little.
I'm still sure that I will be voting for our Independence though and, since I can't see Alba taking a majority anywhere anytime soon, then I suspect it has to be SNP for me again.
Those are my thoughts :)

I suppose a "big name" like Salmond could win either a constituency seat or a list (as per Margo MacDonald). Otherwise AP can't make much of an impact. There is also a danger that AP could dilute the pro-independance vote.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the SNP vote in this election. What will be the effect of the Salmond affair?

I shouldn't think so. Salmond has always been a thorn in the side of the British establishment. I don't see that changing now.

@fitheach I wasn't serious but I can't see many positives in having this new party.

It depends. The SNP win a lot of constituency seats, so, also winning list seats becomes very difficult. Another pro-independence party could then win those list seats, *if* they can get a big enough share of the vote. This close to an election it will be difficult for a new party to get recognition. That's why "big names" in a new party have a better chance.

@fitheach There is another pro-independence party already, the greens. So I think this will simply make votes shift, not generate extra votes for independence.
And I think this is really a Salmond vs Sturgeon split, which would make for an uncomfortable coalition.

Yeah, I was thinking of the SNP consequences, but the Alba party could have an even bigger impact on the Green list vote. A lot of votes for the Greens at the last election were SNP supporters lending their votes. John Finnie, for example, probably benefited from this effect.

@fitheach so long as the victims aren't the green party, which in most constituencies they wouldn't be then they could take a handful of seats and raise the pro-indy majority by a bit.. Salmond has a fair amount of personal support and I don't see SNP suffering much here given they apparently only gained 4 list seats last time round.. so I'm a bit torn.. taking a few seats from the Tories & Labour seems most likely.. but the super-majority is super-unlikely as most people don't understand the D'Hondt system and I suspect are likely to stick with what they know.. but *shrug* will be interesting to see if the polls change.. that will probably have the biggest influence on uptake or not of the Alba party vote as I suspect most folk considering them are already politically engaged.

The Greens may well be the losers in this election, because of the Alba Party. I know lots of SNP supporters who "lent" their list vote to the Greens, at the previous election. An additional alternative indie party may see the Green vote decrease.

As the AP is unlikely to gain constituency seats it will increase their likelihood of getting list seats from the Unionist parties.

@fitheach indeed, however the most vulnerable seats are the ones at the bottom of the lists and in most regions those are not the greens. I'm sure there will be some 'lent' green votes that go the way of AP but I think the Greens will gain some pro-EU former labour votes which may or may not be enough to compensate. The more votes AP get then of course the Greens will lose out but supposing they get the bare minimum of votes required for a seat per region the Tories and labour would lose more seats (though less damaging to them from a proportionality perspective), which would be a small boost to pro-indy seat numbers.. At least that's how I read the situation.

Aye, agreed.

The Tories might be vulnerable to a few loses because they have a few constituency seats. Here's hoping.

In Highlands & Islands the Greens not only have to worry about AP, but also Andy Wightman, who is standing as an independent.

@Jkp @edavies
I've just had a look, the AP website is a NationBuilder site. That being the case, the security flaw must be very common for may political organisations.

@matt @wim_v12e

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