Cycled to the shop yesterday.
Going up a narrow road with cars parked on both sides, the car behind was unable to pass me until we arrived at a T junction with a main road.

After nipping in front of me just before said junction, they proceeded to reverse slowly towards me and drive me 10-20 meters back down the hill. After blasting their horn, they sped back off up the hill.

People are unhinged when they are travelling. It's like a disease of the brain.


People are unhinged when they think they can get away with it. Same happens when people are part of big group (mob rule).

Did you manage to get the vehicle registration?

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@fitheach didn't even bother. Not worth the time and effort.

@fitheach bloke was hit and run last week down the road. Police have said they don't have the resources to investigate.

What do they do with all that CCTV footage?

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