"He Walked by Night" (1948)

This movie is an overlooked film noir gem. It is a police procedural, filmed in a documentary style. The plot describes a lone killer who outsmarts the police at every turn. A dedicated officer (Scott Brady), relentlessly investigating details, gives authorities some hope of catching the ruthless psychopath (chillingly portrayed by Richard Basehart).

Great cinematography, as always, by John Alton.

If you like film noir, don't miss this movie.

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The film is in the public domain (USA), so, you should be able to find it online, legally.

@fitheach Thanks for the tip. I watched a British spy movie on line yesterday, Sleeping Car to Trieste, and it was very enjoyable.

Oh, I don't know that one, but it has the marvellous Jean Kent. I'll search it out.

Jean Kent is also great in The Magic Bow (1946), which was a romantic pairing of Stewart Granger & Phyllis Calvert, purportedly to tell the story of Paganini's rise to fame.

@fitheach Documentary style? Like the "mockumentaries" of recent decades?

No, like a real documentary. It has the feel of the camera recording real events, as they happen. The narrator speaks like a journalist.

@fitheach But it is fictional? That's super interesting if so, I thought that was a recent innovation!

I consider mockumentaries to frequently contain humour, or be parodies. HWBN is straight-up.

@fitheach Yeah maybe mockmentary was not the best word, it does have that association for me as well.

Mock has two main meanings. It can mean something unreal, as in Mock Turtle Soup.

Mock can also mean to redicule. It is this second meaning which leads to the humour/parody in mockumentaries.

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