Looking for recommendations.

I'm in the market for a new camera bag/rucksack.

I typically carry one SLR-sized camera (OM-D EM-1), plus two lenses 12-40 & 40-150. Ideally, I also need space for a 10-inch tablet and smartphone. A few nick-naks, too, like spare batteries, remote trigger, lens wipes etc.

For ease of access I'd prefer a shoulder bag, but the equipment weight might require use of a rucksack. Waterproof, or shower-proof.


At long last, I got my "new to me" camera bag. It is a Crumpler "Three Seven Daily". It easily accommodates my EM-1, with battery grip & 12-40 lens attached. Next to the camera is my 40-150 lens, and in the slot behind is my ElitePad 10" tablet.

There are plenty of additional pockets for the usual array of camera nik-naks.

The whole padded camera section can be removed, and the Crumpler can be used as a messenger bag.

Very pleased with my purchase, at £25 incl. delivery.

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