I've just bought a GorillaPod-like tripod for use with my smartphone.

It came with a Bluetooth remote. The remote has a huge button for iOS 'phones, and a much smaller button for Android.

What are we to take from this?

iOS users either have comprehension problems or eyesight problems, hence the bigger button. 😃

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I'm going to do a review of the smartphone tripod, because it is a super product, at an incredibly cheap price.

@fitheach I have the same remote! Both buttons seem to work with my android phone. I wonder why they done it like that

Really? Only the smaller button works with my /e/ 'phone.

My presumption was the two buttons are different sizes so they can be differentiated without looking at them

@fitheach I'd say iphone users have Wurstfinger (is there an english equivalent for this? Sausage fingers?)

@Nasenspray @fitheach
I like that expression,
I can't think of a similar expression in English, but there ought to be.
I have them.

@andreas Dünne Menschen können genauso Wurstfinger haben. Wenn du meiner Freundin beim Chat-Tippen zuguckst, weißt du, was ich meine. @fitheach

Ha ha, that's it!

No English equivalent of Wurstfinger, that I know about. "Butter fingers" would be closest, although that is usually used to mean dropping things, rather than generally clumsy.

@fitheach @Nasenspray We often use 'sausage fingers' to describe clumsy, lack of dexterity.
@fitheach @Nasenspray Oh no - we're embarking on another 'History of all English words' thread. Wait till @Luke gets here !

Also, my folks (Yorkshire) would often use 'you clumsy oaf'.

"You clumsy oaf" is a saying, rather than a noun [pedant].

@Luke @Nasenspray

@fitheach @Luke @Nasenspray Ah OK. I see. So 'butter fingers' is now a noun - not a saying or phrase - correct ?

@andyc @Luke in hindsight this joke fails on almost every level.

Bad Basil.

@fitheach everyone knows ios is for house moms and elderly 🤣

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