Yesterday was another day in paradise. I didn't go for a long walk, just a short, leisurely, stroll along the canal-side.

It was one of those life affirming days when everyone I saw had happy, smiling faces.

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Travelling in style.

I met an Italian couple who were cycling along the canal as part of their trip on the Great Glen Way. The man was pulling this "doggie carriage" behind his bike. Inside the carriage were two Cocker Spaniels (the other one was out, having a pee, when I took the photo).

The chap told me the carriage weighed 10kg, and the two dogs a combined 30kg. He told me the additional burden was fine on the flat, but, required some effort on uphill sections.

@fitheach this is a common way here in the Netherlands.

Yes, I can imagine. It is flat everywhere in the Netherlands. 😃

I have seen similar "carriages" before, but, this was the first opportunity I had to photograph one.

Yes, indeed.

I didn't name-check the canal as I've mentioned it so frequently in the past.

@fitheach It's OK, you popup in my timeline so that's the first photo I've seen from you <3

Really lovely place. (Scotland in genere is one of my favourite place in Europe both for the landscape and the people)

The landscape is fine, the people can be a bit strange. 😉


I agree with
about the landscape and the people.

And as I remember it, our crew was the strangest people. Back in '99 when we sailed down the Caledonian Canal
😺 👍

It is a lovely place. A sunny day makes it look even better.

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