For those of you who don't have a picture of an English queen hanging on your walls, whose portrait would you display, and why?

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@fitheach Well here's a poor snap of the Princess hanging in our lounge. The artist was a neighbour. The original canvas was huge - perhaps 3 metres across.

@fitheach Yeah, sorry. Must get a decent pic of the painting. The artist, Gordon Howard, kindly gave us the print when we left Cape Town.
He used to travel to the Kalahari & Namib and return with large numbers of slides, which he used as the basis for his paintings. Most were sold to corporate clients for lobbies, foyers, board rooms etc - they were huge, imposing canvasses.

No apology required, just a wee joke.

I hope he had a long lens, I wouldn't want to be too close to the princess.

@fitheach My grandmother at the age of 16, picture from Studio Harcourt, Paris 😎

Monochrome, I presume. I bet it is a lovely photo.

Can you post an image?

@fitheach Picture from 1934-1936 I think (so she was 20 or 21, not 16) because Harcourt was founded in 1934 and that was before she met my grandfather. She was an opera singer for a few years before WW2.

(CW grandmother)

Thanks for that.
A lovely photo, and your grandmother was beautiful.
The photo is less contrasty than the Harcourt portraits from the modern era. I wonder if that is a technical thing, or a style choice.

Yes, could be.
The studio is famous for doing contrasty portraits of celebrities. Perhaps, this style started after the period when your grandmother was photographed.

@fitheach In my office at work I have a portrait of Schrödinger that I drew from a very small photograph. It is to remind me of my physicist roots.

You should def post a photo of the drawing.

@fitheach When I go back to my office, one day, I'll do that!

Apart from seeing students, are you able to work effectively from home?

@fitheach Even for seeing students. Everything we do is on line: teaching, labs. supervision, exams, admin, ...

I've done countless online meetings with audio and video. They aren't the same as face-to-face meetings. Lots of social interaction interaction is missing, like making the pre-meeting coffee. Consequently, building a relationship takes longer.

Maybe that's just me.

@fitheach It's not jut you, a lot of people feel that way. For integration of new colleagues it is definitely harder.
It also depends on your personality. I never liked face-to-face meetings much except for technical research meetings with one or two people.


I don't have a portrait the only picture which is apt is a print on a @davidrovics poster of blackbeard the pirate.

"Lit his beard on fire..."
That's quite some comment/protest.



IFAIK this is something Blackbeard did to during the boarding of ships to intimidate.

He would need a few months, at least, between boardings.

My great great grandfather, Michael McGrath. He played for Hibernian when they first formed in 1875.
The original photograph is monochrome but my son added colour.

Great photo.
Presumably, from a plate camera, as the image is so sharp.

I didn't realise that Hibs played in hoops, too.

My boy room at my parents' has Freddie Mercury on the wall. But he's an English Queen so that doesn't answer your question.

@fitheach Our Queen and Princess. 😍
But we don't have pictures of english royals hanging on walls here anyway. Ok, with exception of the UK Embassy... ;)

"Our Queen and Princess"?
Who are they?

Legally, any embassy is part of the territory of the state in question.

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