G7 summit: Cornwall gathering branded ‘colossal failure’ as promises on climate, aid and vaccines fall short


Forget 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451… the future of humanity was best foretold not by Orwell, Huxley, or Bradbury but by David Jones in his seminal work, Lemmings.

@aral @fitheach I tend to agree, except for Lord of the Flies. In reality it is shown that children would rather help each other in such a situation, not kill each other.


"Lord of the Flies" was written as a response to the more Utopian "The Coral Island", so both were set on a Pacific island. In this respect the Tongan castaways were an obvious parallel. However, LotF is also allegorical, and uses the situation of the boys to explore more general human traits.

The co-operation exhibited by the Tongans might be a celebrated exception. My personal experience of school life tended more towards the LotF end of the spectrum.


@desikn @aral @fitheach the article describes an observation with 6 people while faction-building in teams typically starts above 7 people. Does the book have more sources?

@fitheach @rosano (Well worth watching if you haven’t seen it.) :)

@fitheach if we are also in the matrix, why then is there a spoon? ;)

@fitheach @aral Maybe swap out "Lord of the Flies" for "Children of Men".

@fitheach @aral how is Brazil a union of Brave New World and A Handmaid's Tale?

The diagram is mostly a joke (although also making a serious point), not to be over analysed.


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