Dogs for sale.

I don't want to get a puppy (slightly older dog preferred), but, this Scottish Terrier puppy is almost too cute to refuse.


The owner of this puppy has set a buy price of £2,000, which is more than I'd be willing to pay.

Furthermore, if I was to get another Scottie, I'd want one the same size as Neachdainn. is twice the size of some Scotties. He weighs 16kg, which is about the size of a Springer Spaniel. However, there are so few Scotties for sale I don't think I'd manage to be that choosy.

The attached photo shows Neachdainn (right) in comparison to another Scottie.

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I haven't actually made any progress with buying a dog. I have recently made three serious enquiries, but, without success. I even went as far as withdrawing cash for the purchases. The explanation is too wordy for here; blogpost coming soon.

@fitheach I'll make sure my reading glasses are ready!

Sorry to hear you're not closer to having a wee dog


I probably could've made a purchase if I'd been less choosy, and was willing to travel further. However, I'd rather make the right choice, rather than rush in. A dog is for life.

There have been some dogs of interest in England and Ireland. The latter, in particular, is too much travelling.

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