Yeah, so this is a great time to lift the restrictions.

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@fitheach I think there argument is there's no way to stop it, so if you're going to have a massive spike you're better doing it during the summer when the schools are about to close and you don't have the other winter demands on hospitals.

Of course there are ways to stop it. Boris & co. just don't care.

@fitheach Please, explain how; the world would like to know.

Most of the world already knows, it is the UK with its head in the sand (or up the place where the sun don't shine).

* tighten the covid restrictions
* quicken the vaccination programme
* restrict international travel (although other countries may do this to the UK anyway)

* Tightening the restrictions will drop the rate, but it'll bounce straight back up as soon as we let it go
* We can't quicken the vaccination programme - the rate of 1st jabs is now down to the number of people who want it
* It's too late to stop international travel - the problem is now our internal spread [It would have been great to have done this 3 months ago though]

Next ideas?

We don't let it go until the problem the UK created is sorted.

There are many ways to quicken the vaccinations. Invite the young (I know people under 30 who haven't had invites), make centres drop-in (not yet universal), extend promotion etc.

Many have been arguing for months that international travel should have been restricted. The UK gov decided to ignore for political reasons. We also have an obligation not to spread it to other countries.

@fitheach anyone under 30 can register - wtf are they waiting for?

I don't know. I have a work colleague who is 26. He hasn't had his first vaccination. I have provided him with all the needed info. I've done everything but leading him to the centre. He says he does want to be vaccinated.

Many "youngsters" think covid doesn't affect them.

@fitheach So if he wants to be vaccinated, can't he just register on the online site - you don't need to do walkin.

He could, but, he hasn't. 🙄
I undestand that we (Highland Health Board) will very soon be moving to walk-in vaccination centres. That will make it much easier.

@fitheach Yeh, then you can kidnap him into one; but look, my point is that that's where the 1st jab vaccines are at - everyone has been offered them, 87% have taken them - there are a few holdouts like him who can be pushed into a vaccination centre, but not sure how many more; 1st dose is pretty much done.

I'm fairly certain we haven't invited everyone for the first jab. That certainly includes my work colleague (according to him).

We also need to re-focus the vaccination promotion to the hold-outs.

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