I was in the great city of Glaschu, to-day. It is a magnificent place, but, I'm sure glad to be back in the Highlands.

On the way down I passed Buachaille Èite Mhòr, partially covered in early morning mist/cloud. I just had time for one smartphone photo.

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I saw more of Glaschu than intended, as the slip road to the M8 - Dunedin (Edinburgh) was closed. On the return trip the slip road to Dùn Breatainn (Dumbarton) was also closed. In consequence, I drove around lots of little roads in the city centre.

I swear the satnav was getting exasperated with all the re-calculations it had to do.

[waves back]
Oh, you mean a seaside wave. 😉

@fitheach I miss the Highlands so much. My favorite part of the UK. Was on a 9 day hiking trip back there on 2019 and it probably was one of the best days of my life. My nan just died a few weeks prior that trip and the Highlands became my comfort zone. Now I’m in a mess emotionally and mentally again, I am longing to get back. Wishing to live there someday.

The Highlands is a great place to live, which is why I chose to return. However, living here can have its challenges, just like anywhere else.

Now that the Lockdown restrictions are easing you will, no doubt, be able to visit the Highlands again.

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