Canal Life.

I spoke to the "crew" of this yacht, that was moored at the side of the canal. They were complaining that it was cold in the cabin, in spite of the diesel heater they had on-board.

They were traversing the canal to get to the North Sea, and then to Norway, for the winter. I refrained from suggesting that they might find it even colder in Norway.

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@fitheach ah, a typical case of "not the wrong clothes, just the wrong weather"

I was very surprised they were feeling it cold. The temperatures have dropped, recently. It was 7°C when I took the photo. However, I would have thought it would be cosy in the confined space below deck.

I also think when they get to the North Sea, they will have other things to worry about than feeling cold.

@fitheach yeah, with that yacht over the North Sea towards Norway in the autumn will be… challenging

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