It's that time of year.

A bulbous fungus at the edge of a path.
A cascade on a small burn.
Bright orange fungi on a path.

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I had a debate with myself as to whether the description for the third photo should be fungus or fungi. Although there are several fruiting bodies visible, it may be a single organism.

@fitheach That's a puffball (or maybe earthball) in the first image. They are amazing. Give one a squeeze with your toe if you see a little hole in the top.

It's a Common Puffball - Balg-Pèiteach - Lycoperdon Perlatum. They are very common here.

@fitheach Same here. I eat them when I can be bothered with the laborious task of de-shelling them (so about once a year, before I remember the hassle). They are really good lightly fried in oil.

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