"The Whispering City" (1947)

A superb Canadian film noir, shot in Quebec City. Some of the gothic architecture of the city makes for a great film noir location, and the snowy conditions provides excellent, stark cinematography.

The three leads deliver great performances, and the plot is engrossing. The French language gives the movie an extra seasoning. I just wish more of the same had been made.

Thoroughly recommended.

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Just to be clear:
the movie dialogue is all in English; characters & placenames have a French flavour.

Fun fact : Ozep made the same film in French with French speaking actors, at the same time (La Forteresse). Never compared both thought.

Excellent info, thanks. I wasn't aware that a second version had been made at the same time. I'd love to see this version. However, it was difficult enough to get the English language version on DVD.

It has been restored and digitalized very recently by Éléphant. It may be available outside of Québec on iTunes/Apple tv (it's available locally on Vidéotron for sure, but it may take some time to have it on Apple platforms).

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