I was speaking to a friend who uses his campervan in his role as a mountain guide. It enables him to have early starts on the mountains, all over the Highlands.

However, he told me he is selling his campervan. He has heard too many reports of campervans & motorhomes being vandalised. He blames all the bad press about motorhome visitors trashing the , particularly on the NC500. He will use a, less conspicuous, pickup truck instead.

Good people suffering because of idiots.

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@fitheach I have heard that the reports, some of them certainly, are people trying to dodge paying for their appalling driving skills with their rented vehicles.
Seemingly one doesn't lose the deposit if the damage was from vandalism.

It does seem that good people are getting vitriol, especially from "engagement" driven social media.

Based on my experiences with car rentals I'd find that surprising. However, I have zero experience of campervan rental.

@fitheach from what I recall being told, the "slashed tyres" and some body panel damage is from scraping walls or hitting potholes at excessive speed.

I imagine like along the North road to Kyle of Lochalsh, where the single track is close to cliff and sea.
I remember countless vehicles stricken along there with multiple burst tyres during my time traversing that road.

I don't doubt people will use vandalism as an excuse for damage caused by poor driving. I'm just surprised that the rental companies would absorb the cost of "vandalism" damage.

@fitheach so was I, I'm taking a pinch of salt with all accounts to be honest.

It seems click-baity on all accounts. I think the reasoning is that it would be outside the campers control if their van is damaged by the irate locals. So the companies, not having foreseen this, end up paying because it's not in the terms of rental...? Dubious of it all.

So much is driven by "engagement" social media and it's so pervasive up here I can see stories being fibbed for 'reacts'

I made a mental note of the first rented campervan I saw when I went out, this afternoon. It was a Bunk Campervan:

As an example, I'm going to check their T&Cs. I may be gone for some time.

@fitheach good shout! I saw a McRent one the other day which I thought was a terribly unfortunate name.

@fitheach that is, unfortunately, where my mind went too 🤦‍♂️

This is the pertinent phrase from the T&Cs:

"The hire is subject to a security deposit which covers
both the liability of the hirer in the event of any first
incident or reported incident and the proper return of
the vehicle in the same condition as it was let out to the
"in the same condition" would be the operative part.

In essence, the hirer pays a deposit as guarantee that the vehicle is returned in the same condition.

Actual document is a PDF:

We were away in our camper van with 2 other couples, 1 couple had their own motorhome the other had a rental motor home. Our van is 16 years old and the owned van is 8 years old. Both look in good, almost new condition. The rental van was 2 years old, the side door didn't open without pushing the trim out of the way, there were dents at the side near the rear and there was a crack on the rear window covered with plastic tape.

Thanks. That's interesting. Swift are both a manufacturer (conversions) and a rental company.

"All vehicles in the Swift Go fleet are in pristine condition and are less than 3 years old."

I take it you don't concur.


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