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For the last few months I've relied upon my smartphone for taking photos. Now that and I are better acquainted with each other's ways, I should start carrying a "proper" camera with me every day.

I was considering the purchase of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 successor. I am very familiar with the LF1, and it is a superb, pocketable, compact camera.

There doesn't seem to be a direct successor to the LF1.

Cameras like the LX100 (I and II) are hard to find, and are very expensive, even secondhand.

I'm not sure what I will do.

@fitheach found on LX100 I from a camera store second hand with some warranty for i think 299€.... a bargain for what it is... :)


Is that quite cheap for a LX100 I?

I seem to remember paying about £160 for a brand new LF1. That was 5 years ago.

In the interim period decent compacts have become expensive.

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@fitheach hm it says 5000 actuations(?) so nearly new... i looked up new prices it is still over 500.. i guess its not supercheap but still a good price..

@fitheach hmm dunno about the lf1 but used market is filled with stuff... got two lenses for maybe 50% of the new price ... nearly unused with warranty ;) ppl sell more than ever because of the pandemic...

I got the impression that many (secondhand) things had gone up in price due to the pandemic. For example, GPS devices for hillwalking and dogs had both increased markedly in price. I think this was due to people being on furlough, and looking for things to do.

@fitheach hm yep might depend on what it is .. bikes for kids which are sold out are even higher priced used than new... ridiculous.... but second hand market was always gamble... so be it ;)

I'm looking for something more like a compact. On the spectrum between compact to bridge cameras, the LX100 strikes me as closer to the latter.

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