Do you know what I can't get?
Sausages without additives.

I wanted to get sausages with just meat and fat as ingredients. Nope, not possible. All the ones I've seen for sale contain one or more of the following: rusk, artificial colouring, flavour enhancers, preservatives.

I've investigated all the local butchers, and the supermarkets. I used to make my own, but, I don't have the time for that, currently.

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@fitheach are you serious? you don't want to preserve your minced meat (and blood, gristle, fat, organs) after stuffing it into the intestine of a pig? seems a tad risky. #donttrythisathome #salmonella #foodpoisoning

Yes. If my intention was to keep the sausages for six weeks before consumption, I *might* consider a preservative.

If the ingredients are fresh, and are consumed within a few days, then there is no problem. It is no different from buying a steak or a chop.

@fitheach I guess you meat, fat, salt, and spices, right?

Yeah, salt. Spices would be fine, but, not essential.

Still can't get them.

@fitheach That's pretty grim. Supermarket sausages here are hit and miss, but the butchers make them correctly for the different styles.

They are expensive, too. Often well excess of £5 per kilo. Sausages used to be a cheap foodstuff, using up meat leftovers.

Maybe one of your local butchers would make some specially for you, if you take the complete batch (and freeze some for later).

Nope, tried that already. I was intending to buy a few kilos anyway, and freeze most of them.

Maybe they just don't know anymore how to make sausages with just meat and fat.
Or they aren't allowed to make them without preservatives?

One of the butchers make them without preservatives, but, use rusk. To be fair, rusk does sometimes improve the texture (I used to make sausages), but, I don't want any wheat.

I got the impression that these people will custom make to order, I havent asked them, but maybe worth a try for your additive free sausages ?

Did you have any success with the Buffalo farm for your sausages ?

Not contacted them, yet. My homeserver is broken, so, sending/receiving emails is a faff. The new homeserver will be my activity for Sunday.

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