and I were having our usual bedtime games, when I felt she had a tick. It was on her neck, below her left ear.

I got the tick removal tool, the headtorch, and a treat (placed in my breast pocket).

This was the first ever tick removal procedure. It was an ordeal. As soon as I touched the affected area I had to contain a large, struggling dog. At the same time, Gruoch wanted to sniff the tick tool, and eat the treat.

Eventually, we were successful.

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Immediately upon removing the tick, Gruoch received her treat. Should (when) she get more ticks the same procedure will be followed. Hopefully, she will associate tick removal with getting treats. This strategy worked with .

We have been lucky this summer, as I've managed to remove all her (previous) ticks before they attached themselves. Black ticks on a white dog are easy to spot. 😃

Found a second tick, this morning.

Removal was relatively easy, as didn't struggle. She was looking for her treat after the removal. She learns *really* fast.

We used to have a black cairn terrier and on one trip to the Black Isle he managed to acquire 11 ticks. We had to find a vet in Inbhir Nis to remove them.

As you know, I used to have a black Scottie. It was impossible to spot ticks on him. However, I handled him every day, and it was easy to feel them. The (same) tick tool made removal easy. Neachdainn was completely used to the procedure. He used await his treat at the end of any removals. I never had to deal with as many as eleven in one sitting.

We have tick removal tools now but 30 years ago we didn't know about them.

The type I have certainly didn't exist 30 years ago. It has a spring-loaded lasso for grabbing the ticks. It is the best.

Prior to this the only tool know of was intended for human use. They look a bit like miniature carpet tack lifters. I'm fairly sure they weren't available thirty years ago, either.

We have one that's the size of a credit card, it has different sized prongs at 2 corners and a magnifying glass. A bit like the one shown here:

I've not seen that card type. Similar principle to the tack lifter type.

You don't pull out the ticks with the lasso type. Instead, you twist out the ticks. That ensures complete removal.

You mean a tick hook? I love those things, they make removing ticks fairly easy. I've got them in 2 sizes (big and small).


Knowing my clumsiness, i'd just accidentally pull the tick off as is, leaving its head behind. The tick hook also does the twisting, it's easier for me, but I think they serve the same goal with twisting out. :)


@fitheach Be careful. She might learn to get ticks on purpose for the sake of getting more treats. ;)

If I ever see her lying on the ground, and barking "come and get me", I'll know what she is doing.

@fitheach get a medicated collar? it's not like dogs lick themselves nearly as much as cats do

Nope. Not only is an insecticide bad for my dog, it is also bad for me.

Manual removal is not onerous.

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