It isn't often looks small in comparison to another dog. To-day was one of those occasions. We met a Newfoundland dog. No exaggeration, it was like a horse. Plus, Gruoch has the physique of a sprinter, this Newfie was built like a sumo wrestler. Truly, little and large.

Needless to say, Gruoch wanted to have a square-go. 🙄

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The two dogs were still 50m apart, when Gruoch stopped walking. She stood to her full height, and stared straight at the other dog. I could tell what she was thinking, "flippin' 'eck, look at the size of that thing". Dogs (both on leash) and owners now approached each other slowly, as we were on the same track, but, going in opposite directions.



Just as I thought we could pass without incident, the Newfie barked twice. Translated it meant, "you, and whose army". Gruoch immediately raised hackles, started snarling, and strained on the leash, in an attempt to get at the other dog. We were now in "come on, ya bass" territory.

Luckily, the two owners were in control of their charges.

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