Canal Life

This is the first fishing vessel I've seen going through the canal, this year. It may be I've just missed seeing them. However, I think it is more likely that fewer working boats are operating.

The "CN" on the side of this boat means it is registered in Campbeltown.

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@fitheach do you regularly see fishing vessels like this?

I try to take a look when I pass the marina bit at Muirton entering Inverness but the most exotic thing I've spotted is a large(ish) sailing ship and a long canal boat. The usual cruisers make up the rest.

Since July I've been down to the canal on a frequent basis, and this is the first fishing boat I've seen.

In previous years I wasn't a frequent canal visitor, yet I would often see fishing boats.

This year I've not seen many working boats of any kind.

The Vital Spark (one of them) is on the Crinan Canal. I've got a photo, somewhere...

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