Hmm, I don't know what happened to the photo when I first posted.

I note the photo has been scaled, who did that? Was it Tusky, or Mastodon on the receiving end?

Also, is there something like GIMP-light that is available on F-Droid?

@fitheach I use Imagepipe for shrinking and EXIF stripping. It has some basic editing, too.

I will try it, thanks.

Things I need include: cropping, scaling, EXIF removal, and text addition (maybe).

@fitheach Life is a mystery, original photo probably ended up on Facebook" :)

If it ended up on FB it would be nothing to do with me. However, I agree about life being a mystery.

I took the photo, selected the share link, and then chose the Tusky as the receiver. I entered the text, and posted. No photo was attached. It might be because I hadn't granted Tusky the required permissions. I did a Delete and Re-draft, and attached the photo. Granted the permissions. Now it worked.

@fitheach I have experienced this with Tusky but, I'm also having difficulties with the Twitter app in e foundation OS.
Twitter, and sometime other apps, can't see photos until the next day! Its weird. Something to do with timestamps I suspect.

I've not used the Twitter app, not likely to use it either. 😉

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