Without me training her, has understood to stop walking, and wait for me, whenever I take a photo or have a pee.

In the former case she recognises the action of me taking my smartphone out of the messenger bag.

I'm not telling you how she knows I'm about to have a pee.

@fitheach in the 2000s when I was more involved in the rave scene and had a radio scanner constantly tuned to Police frequencies (no encrypted Airwave schemes then), my cat would signal to me if it activated and he thought I'd missed something in *exactly* the same manner as a passive drugs dog - he'd also sit on the wheeled bin if the Police helicopter went overhead (I /didn't/ train him to do this!) 😺


He must've been operating a Cat Scan. 😃

Dogs react to specific events, whereas humans tend to generalise things. This can sometimes make training difficult, as we want dogs to react in a general way. Perhaps cats are the same as dogs.

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