Without me training her, has understood to stop walking, and wait for me, whenever I take a photo or have a pee.

In the former case she recognises the action of me taking my smartphone out of the messenger bag.

I'm not telling you how she knows I'm about to have a pee.

@fitheach in the 2000s when I was more involved in the rave scene and had a radio scanner constantly tuned to Police frequencies (no encrypted Airwave schemes then), my cat would signal to me if it activated and he thought I'd missed something in *exactly* the same manner as a passive drugs dog - he'd also sit on the wheeled bin if the Police helicopter went overhead (I /didn't/ train him to do this!) 😺

@fitheach bear in mind also my family house was then under the main flighpaths for EGLL (Heathrow) and EGUB (RAF Benson), so there were *many* aircrafts flying overhead of all shapes and sizes, but he listened out for the distinctive sound of the Eurocopter 135 with its enclosed rotor (he must have noticed me reacting to it and worked out it was something worth observing)


When I used to live in Berkshire I'm sure there was a plane landing at Heathrow every seven minutes.

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