Early test report.

suffered terribly from snowballs on his legs. He had short legs with loads of long, curly hair, which exacerbated the problem. Snow boots were never very successful.

is having no such problems. She has long legs, with short, straight hair. Her hair also has a Teflon™ coating. Everything, including snow, just slips off.

Of course, it might be that the current snow (cold and dry) is the wrong type for balling. Time will tell.


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@fitheach Our cairn came back from his walks with his underside covered in snow balls today.

@fitheach We have a walk in shower and we can get him to walk in without much protest. It's easy then to spray warm water to melt the snow.

That's lucky. Neachdainn hated getting a shower or a bath. It was always such an ordeal. Luckily, I didn't have to do it often.

I haven't yet bathed or showered Gruoch. I can't imagine how that will go. All I've done, so far, is rub her down with a wet cloot. She is OK with that.

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