Canal Life.

For the last few weeks I've been seeing this juvenile Great Cormorant (Gairgeann - Phalacrocorax carbo) on a canal pontoon. Any time I've seen it, I didn't have a telephoto lens. Any time I took a long telephoto lens, I wouldn't see the bird. This photo is a crop from an image taken with my 40-150 zoom. Not ideal, but, acceptable.

To allow the birds to catch fish by diving, they don't have oily feathers. Consequently, they have to dry their wings.

I've mentioned before that has, without any training, taken it upon herself to wait patiently, while I photograph subjects. I've now noticed that she actually watches the wildlife I'm photographing.

Here she is looking across the canal, directly at the Cormorant, as I'm photographing it.

Eventually, I will just get Gruoch to take the photographs, too.

@fitheach Dogs do seem to have an aesthetic sense. Lexie used to love simply looking at her landscape. My goodness, I miss her.

Lovely. Was she a Wire Fox Terrier?

I've noticed that both and enjoy taking in a nice vista. I've always assumed they are surveying the scene (for possible prey etc.).

@fitheach She was a Westie. Also see the last picture in her obituary. We have so many pictures of her just happy to stand and stare when we were out and about.


Sorry for the mis-identification. She looked quite tall and narrow in that photo.

I've had a Westie, a Cairn and a Scottie. All three were/are wonderful dogs. Terriers are always so full of life.

I enjoyed reading Lexie's obituary, so many parts of her story resonated with me.

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@fitheach She was actually quite small for a westie. And yes, terriers are best, we think.
Glad you enjoyed reading her obit. It was difficult, but necessary, to write, and, looking back, I'm glad I accepted the pain of the time.

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