I recently bought a pair of Meindl Burma GTX boots. I've been wearing them on a daily basis for the last two weeks. They are still very stiff, and yet, surprisingly comfy. The GTX (I think) refers to the Gore-tex lining. I can confirm, that the boots have been 100% waterproof, so far, despite some atrociously wet, and snowy, conditions.

The boots were quite expensive, but, I am am very pleased with the purchase. I go for dog walks three times per day, and good footwear is important to me.

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@fitheach Sounds very good!
Meindls are great. I have a pair of Meindl hiking boots. They are heavy as fuck, but have never given me blisters and it is great to walk in them. Bought them at a Meindl Outlet store in Hauenstein. (Hauenstein (Pfalz) is best known for being a shoe outlet village. Meindl has a shop there, too, with amazing prices)

I got mine online, for around £200, including delivery. If I get a few years from them it will be good value. I have always been quite hard on my footwear, and daily dog walks will only increase the wear factor.

Don't tell me about the prices in Hauenstein, I'll just be jealous.

@fitheach That's just 20 km from here, so if you need something, just let me know. 🙂 @Bella

Many thanks. Hopefully, won't be needed for, at least, three years. 😃

It would be useful if you took shoe size 43, then you could try them on, for me.


@fitheach Ha, I'm Lady big foot! I do have 43! (Sometimes 42, but mostly 43). That can't just be a coincidence.
Also abgemacht! - how do you say that in English? @Bella


Does that cause problems for you, getting "ladie's" shoes?


@fitheach Oh yes, it does. Plus, I have somewhat difficult feet. I spent my younger years in "Puma" sneakers and Birkenstocks. Both unisex. 🙄 I had only 41/42 then and it was still difficult.

Today the internet is a big help. And there are generally more brands that produce at least some of their shoes in big sizes. @Bella

Oh dear, I feel your pain (figuratively)..

All good Germans wear Birkenstocks, don't they? So, that, at least, wouldn't look out of place.

I have often wondered if men's feet and women's feet are that different, other than a typical size difference.


@fitheach I think men's feet are generally a bit broader. I can't wear "male only" shoes, the front part of my feet get no hold in them. Even if I tie the laces super tight, there's still too much air on the sides.
On the other hand, unisex shoes exist. @Bella

So, how do unisex shoes work, if men's feet are broader?

BTW I usually take a broad fitting.


@fitheach I think unisex shoes are cut differently. Narrower sole, but more variability in the closure. Men's shoes, on the other hand, are already cut wide at the sole and don't offer the possibility of closing them as tightly as unisex models.
But of course, I'm just guessing. @Bella

@fitheach And now I understand why I am not proud of my country and have just recently chucked a German flag in the bin: I am not wearing Birkenstock's 🤭 @Nasenspray

@Bella Neither do I. At least nowadays. 😉
It was some sort of eco rebellion to wear them in the 80s. With purple pants or dungarees. @fitheach

@Nasenspray Oh, the 80's. Mullets and screaming colours for the win 🙈

@Nasenspray @Bella
All the Germans I know were former "Alternativ" types.

I have always liked dungarees, in any colour. See Oor Wullie, for reference.

@fitheach Black is okay. But I had dungarees in baby blue corduroy 😆 🙈 @Bella

If the worst your country does is wear Birkenstock's...


@fitheach Thankfully Birkenstock's are the only thing Germany has ever been (in)famous for!!! @Nasenspray

Well, I am also holding the whole nation accountable for Schlager music.


@fitheach I've been wearing Meindl boots exclusively for 20 years. They fit me like the proverbial glove and are well worth the money.

Is that why they are called handschuh? 😉

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