I am really chuffed with to-day's cleverness.

has a soft kennel that she uses in the house. She loves her wee den.

I bought her a new one for use in the car. She would not use it. So, I swapped the locations of the two kennels, and swapped the internal cushions. Her old kennel was familiar to her in the car, and the new kennel was in a familiar location, in the house.



Gruoch is so happy with her soft kennel, that she doesn't bother coming out to greet me, when I return to the car.

It is cosy and warm in the kennel, and she can view me in the driving seat without moving.

Regardless, I'm counting this as a success.


Her first one was a Maelson, size XL (I think), 92 cm long. The second one is by Fauna, and is 91cm long.

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