I know Star Trek TOS operated on a very limited budget. However, the monster (the Mugato) in the season 2 episode "A Private Little War" has to be the most ridiculous creation in any SciFi production.

Unless you know differently...

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Kirk, and for that matter the Star Trek TOS episode, is saved by Nona, portrayed by Nancy Kovack.

See, I told you everyone in "space" was beautiful.

Yes, indeed. The Robot Monster is probably unbeatable, and I have mentioned it before:

However, I'm currently watching all the TOS episodes, and the Mugato just "jumped" out at me. 😃


"...I talked to several people that I knew who had robot suits, but it was just out of the way, money-wise. I thought, ‘Okay, I know George Barrows.’... When they needed a gorilla in a picture they called George, because he owned his own suit... I thought, ‘I know George will work for me for nothing. I’ll get a diving helmet, put it on him, and it’ll work!’"


Johnny: You look like a pooped-out pinwheel!
Ro-Man: (flatly) Now I will kill you.


Johnny: "I think you're just a big bully, picking on people smaller than you."
Ro-Man: "Now I will kill you."


Great One : Earth Ro-Man, you violate the laws of plans. To think for yourself is to be like the hu-man.

Ro-Man : Yes! To be like the hu-man! To laugh! Feel! Want! Why are these things not in the plan?

Great One : You are an extension of the Ro-Man, and a Ro-Man you will remain. Now, I set you into motion. One: destroy the girl. Two: destroy the family. Fail, and I will destroy you!


Great One : [his last line, when "Extension XJ-2" can't bring himself to kill Alice] You wish to be a human? Good. You can DIE like a human!

[Takes out XJ-2 with another Cosmic Blast, then...]

Great One : Human elements still roam Planet Earth! I, the ruler of the Ro-Men, shall send our Cosmic J-Rays... from which will spring prehistoric reptiles to devour whatever remains of life! Next, Psychotronic vibrations will smash the Planet Earth out of the universe!


Given that Ro-man Robot Monsters already destroyed almost all the humans with Cosmic Blasts, and then devoured the rest with Cosmic J-Ray created prehistoric reptile stock footage, it seems a might excessive to then use the Psychotronic Vibrations?

But, Rule of Cool.

NINGEN ISU / The Colour out of Space (人間椅子 / 宇宙からの色)
Across a horrifying spacetime distance
From the depths of the universe
Charged with an ominous aura
The mindless thing visits us

Out of reincarnation
Beyond the dimensions

Spreading terror
Astride the photon belt
Deceiving the earthlings
Into believing in Ascension
Promoting corruption
Through false channeling
Instigating violations
By means of telepathy

The color out of space
The color out of Hades

Ah, the old "necessity is the mother of invention" thing. 😃

@hhardy01 @fitheach

I see your Robot Monster and I raise you... THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH!

"The film, described as "a take-off on beach parties and musicals," is considered to be one of the worst films of all time."

You are welcome.

What a superb monster. Looks like it has just eaten all the beach barbecue sausages. 😃



I know, right?

(I shall not make any jokes about this or that politician...)


@fitheach Have the whole series on my Plex/Jellyfin server so I can revisit when I please.

I bought the whole TOS series on DVD. Although (continual) re-runs were on TV when I was a kid, there are many episodes I've never seen, including this one.

Watching them all gives me a better feeling of the creation process, and the social commentary.

The cute wee dog in the episode called "The Enemy Within"? That dog had an evil "transporter" twin, just like Kirk. That was an excellent "monster", and it was a great episode. Sure, the special effects could have been more special. 😃

@fitheach MemoryAlpha has a lot of cool background information about that scene. The writers had some really lofty goals but turns out doing anything with animals in a TV show is *really* expensive

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