After 18 months of constant use, including thrice daily dog walks, my "working" jacket is completely worn out. I attempted a repair on the sleeve, recently. My stitching held, but, the repaired material ripped again. Time for a new jacket.

I've bought the same model of jacket again, as it was the easy option. Plus, it only cost £22.90, including delivery. That's cheaper than the last purchase..

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@fitheach I inherited a lovely orange Haglofs shell jacket from my ski instructor son. Surplus to requirement! It's a great jacket with a Gore-Tex membrane. I noted that some of the seam tapes were starting to come away so sent it to Scottish Mountain Gear in Edinburgh for re-taping.
They refused to do it claiming "Heavy Delamination" as the reason. I can't see any delamination and am a bit confused by the whole experience. Plan now is to get some tape and have a go myself! Fingers crossed

Are taped seams sewn in? I had a look at my Craghopper's jacket, and the seams are bonded to the jacket material.

Good luck, anyway.

@fitheach No, they are stuck/bonded over the stitching holes from the back to finalise the waterproofing.
Mine are starting to come off for some reason .
Looks like a fiddly bastard of a job though 😄

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