To-night's was magical.

It was a cold (-5°C) evening, with a near cloudless sky. There were intermittent snowflakes falling, and the full moon reflected off , giving her a mystical aura.

The stars were twinkling, and so were the frozen tree branches. The only noise was the crunching sound made by my feet and Gruoch's paws.

I started the walk with my head torch. However, I stopped using it after a few minutes, as it was both superfluous, and it ruined the atmosphere.

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@fitheach love a crisp evening like that. Especially with a moon so bright you can walk by it; glorious.

It was great, and the best thing is the weather forecast is for the same for the next seven days.

@athairbirb @fitheach Storm Carmichael sounds like the name of a judge in the US

Still dealing with it, not de-frosted yet. It also looks like a bigger freeze is starting on Christmas eve.

@fitheach @athairbirb
My Cousin on Skye had a similar system.
We drank a lot of coffee when we were there, water colour was not a problem :-)

@stannard @fitheach ahh, I've used a similar system before. It can be troublesome at times

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