I left my 'phone at someone's house. Even though it was inconvenient I had to retrieve it. Smartphones have become indispensable.

I forgot my smartphone because I'd left it charging in my friend's PC. To avoid this happening again I've decided to buy a power bank. I've never owned such a device.

Any recommendations?


Well, I ordered my power bank. It didn't arrive. When I checked with the seller they claimed it had been "signed for" by me. On checking with Hermes they claimed it had been left in a "safe place". Not true either.

Seller doesn't have the product anymore. However, they have promised a refund.

What a waste of time, and a lot of hassle.

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Most of the other couriers are only marginally better.

Have you checked your bins? We had a parcel left in a bin once.

Good idea. Just checked, not there. All the couriers are supposed to post a note through the door, indicating a parcel has been left in a safe place. That did not happen.

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