We need to remove inches* from measuring tapes, and have metric only. 50% of the time the metric scale is on the wrong side of the tape.

* For viewers in the UK only.

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Well, indeed. However, not my place to say so. 😃

Ookayyy, maybe at 12PM, or AM or… don't, know, first drink a pint* of beer,
or I'm drive away with bike, rolling on 28 inch wheels.
*) but imperial, or American pint?

An imperial pint (568ml) is a nice quantity when having a round of drinks. However, a half-litre (500ml) isn't far away, and is bigger than a US liquid pint (473ml).

I wouldn't be upset at losing the pint.


@fitheach I am surprised that metric only tapes aren't widely sold - irrespective of Brexit, building materials have been sold in metric for the bulk of my lifetime and every modern building plan and DIY guides I have seen use metric...

I know, I know. I've never used imperial measurementts. I was schooled using metric, and that is the system I've always used.

I've been doing a lot of DIY recently, and this issue has really hit home. It isn't always possible to turn the tape around to get the metric side closest to the thing being measured. Grrr!

I'm going to get one of those Stanley tape measures.

@vfrmedia @fitheach Been putting “corrugated iron“ roof sheets up. They're still 3" “wavelength” which would be difficult to change, I'd think. Made up a little bracket to help with lifting them; it was 12" 32mm long 🙄

have you got a cheap source for corrugated? It no longer seems to be the cheap option it used to be.


@fitheach Yeah, painful: mine was about £14/metre for the first batch earlier last year and £21/m for the most recent lot (0.7 mm plastic coated).

Paul Camilli on Raasay seems to be pleased with the prices he got from Planwell in Buckie: lifeattheendoftheroad.wordpres but they only do trapezoidal AFAIK and I specifically wanted sinusoidal to be able to match up to windows less badly.


Those prices are even worse than I remembered. Does that include delivery?


@fitheach Yes, my usual supplier (Rembrand Timber) gives free delivery on orders over £250.


At least, you won't need to order many sheets to reach a £250 order. 🙄


Thanks for the offer. 😃
I've already ordered a "metric only" tape from an online seller. I also have a metric "Zollstock", although that isn't always useful in every situation.

@fitheach no, please for viewers all around the world too!

Indeed. Although I feel we should get things sorted at "home" first before criticising others.

@fitheach I picked up a tape measure on the continent, and it's great! The metric is always on the right side.

I've never seen a metric only tape in the shops. However, I have now ordered one from an online source.

@fitheach we have inches on those things in Sweden too, ca 130 years after the introduction of the metric system, so don't hold your breath.

@fitheach to be fair normally they have English inches, not the Swedish equivalent that was actually the norm here before the metric system. So if you deal with old buildings, you may need to also need to make sure not to mix up English and Swedish inches (or "tum").

It's great wen everyone has their own "standards". 🙄

@fitheach it's getting more standardized here though. Timber was measured in inches until a couple of decades ago but is now mostly metric too, and that was the main big holdover.

... and 3M will be the distance, not the manufacturer. 😃

@fitheach yeah, actually I was going to check if it said "London", which is what measuring sticks with English inch units used to say, but instead found it doesn't have inches at all.

@fitheach I thought it was the UK that held on to the english units the longest, like lb-force, 32 ft/s/s and whatnot. Or was my thermo prof really that old school? He went to Oxford, but he was Swiss. Loved his steam engines.

I think your prof was really old school. I'm sure there will be others using imperial, but, they are likely in a small minority.

Hmmm on that, example picture it only depends on, if You're right- or left-handed 🤔
Doesn't matter, for me, I prefere that Foldable Mesure, often called "Zollstock" in German, but only have a metric scale 😝

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