@rebello @fitheach I have relative goals (+1 year, +2, +4, +8) and absolute goals (age 32, age 64, age 128).

One of my age 64 goals was to see the metrification of the United States. Sadly, I'm running out of time. I'm probably going to be miss it, but I want it so badly.


What are your goals for age 128?

Didn't NASA once have an issue due to one team using imperial and another using metric?


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64-4. No more daylight saving in US.

128-1. End of time zones and the embracing of UTC across the entire world.
128-2. Standardization on ISO-8601 for all date formats.
128-3. US uses A* and B* paper sizes.

Yes, NASA is entirely metric but one contractor did work in Imperial but didn't communicate it properly. It crashed into the surface of Mars, IIRC.


Scrapping DST is a good one, everyone should do that.

Just reaching 128 years would bemy goal. 😉


@dmoonfire @fitheach You're both thinking of Mars Climate Orbiter: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Cli

NASA is officially metric but a lot of programs are still in US customary units including SLS (because so much is Shuttle derived) and a lot of the US segment of the ISS.


Thanks. I vaguely remembered the story, not the details.

@dmoonfire @rebello

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