I invariably listen to music whilst at work. To-day, a colleague did me a "favour" by tuning-in a music channel on the smart TV. He introduced it as: "Listen to this, it's great!"

It was non-stop rock & pop "classics", frequently interrupted by adverts. As if this wasn't bad enough, the songs weren't by the original artists. The songs were covered by people who were so no-names that they weren't even credited.

Out of politeness I felt obligated to listen to it for a while.

It was purgatory.


To-morrow will be payback day.

It is going to be Heavy Metal all day.

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Thank goodness I recently purchased that powerbank, as otherwise I would never have managed my commitment to have Heavy Metal ALL DAY, at work. 😃


I hadn't realised that was just a battle won, the war continues.

To-day, the TV was on before I arrived. It was tuned to daytime TV. Oh my dog. There must be a lot of brainless people watching this nonsense.

I was "treated" to some breakfast show (missed the name), then Countdown, and lastly some show looking at holiday properties abroad. Thankfully, at this point I was able to escape.

Mankind is doomed.

@fitheach he is that

I hope your colleagues enjoy rocking out tomorrow

@fitheach pleased to hear heavy metal day was all day!

I'm not sure *all* my colleagues share that sentiment. 😃

I think the message got through about yesterday's classic pop & rock channel. That won't be happening again.

@fitheach When I was awaiting an operation end of last year, I too was "treated" to day-time TV.

It felt so alien to me, things that were obviously meant to be important were just funny and odd.

It's utterly vacuous stuff

The only operation that would make daytime TV bearable would be a frontal labotomy.

@fitheach I just don't understand the concept of breakfast TV. Who likes being talked to first thing in the morning?

I know many people who have the TV on all day. It is switched on at breakfast, and not switched off until bedtime. It is just background noise/moving images, constantly there.

@fitheach irritating AF. I couldn't work in that kind of environment. I've actually growled at people having the radio on in a shared office.

I think the daytime TV was just to get back at me, for the all day Heavy Metal. I suspect the TV will be off to-morrow.

If this is war, what are you planning to use for your next strike?

@pandora @fitheach

an Arduino or similar with a transistor and IR LED (or 3) can generate all the IR remote control signals to control a TV and/or other AV equipment from some metres away, and is fairly easily hidden 😁

Pre-programmed so it automatically hits the off button every 60 seconds, just in case.


@fitheach @pandora

or randomly switching channels, sources, volume up/down (to the point others might suspect the entire set is defective)

Nothing could be more defective than daytime TV.


Perhaps, an all day with avant garde classical music.

Chorals by Thomas Tallis and Johann Sebastian Bach's organ works had interesting effects on my noisy neighbours last summer 😊

I'm not sure how much of Bach's organ works I could stand. 😃

@fitheach I once worked at a startup in a building in central Manchester on one of the squares, and the BBC put up a huge TV just under our window; of course we couldn't see it, but we were treated to the sound most of the time; especially the Tellytubbies.

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