I invariably listen to music whilst at work. To-day, a colleague did me a "favour" by tuning-in a music channel on the smart TV. He introduced it as: "Listen to this, it's great!"

It was non-stop rock & pop "classics", frequently interrupted by adverts. As if this wasn't bad enough, the songs weren't by the original artists. The songs were covered by people who were so no-names that they weren't even credited.

Out of politeness I felt obligated to listen to it for a while.

It was purgatory.

To-morrow will be payback day.

It is going to be Heavy Metal all day.

Thank goodness I recently purchased that powerbank, as otherwise I would never have managed my commitment to have Heavy Metal ALL DAY, at work. 😃


I hadn't realised that was just a battle won, the war continues.

To-day, the TV was on before I arrived. It was tuned to daytime TV. Oh my dog. There must be a lot of brainless people watching this nonsense.

I was "treated" to some breakfast show (missed the name), then Countdown, and lastly some show looking at holiday properties abroad. Thankfully, at this point I was able to escape.

Mankind is doomed.

If this is war, what are you planning to use for your next strike?

@pandora @fitheach

an Arduino or similar with a transistor and IR LED (or 3) can generate all the IR remote control signals to control a TV and/or other AV equipment from some metres away, and is fairly easily hidden 😁


Pre-programmed so it automatically hits the off button every 60 seconds, just in case.


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@fitheach @pandora

or randomly switching channels, sources, volume up/down (to the point others might suspect the entire set is defective)

Nothing could be more defective than daytime TV.


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