Coo, it is Friday again.

I'm not complaining, but, where has the week gone? For that matter where has January gone? Almost half of January behind us already.

On the bright side, the TV isn't on this morning. I think hostilities have ceased.

I hope you have a nice weekend, whether you are working or not.

@fitheach I cannot wait for January (and February) to be over. Two months I could really do without.
Have a lovely weekend too!

We've had the conversation before, haven't we?

I love winter time.

Walks on cold, snowy afternoons are great. Followed by dark nights by a roaring fire whilst drinking wine/malt are to be savoured.

@fitheach Me disliking January and February has nothing to do with it being cold or snowy. I have a problem with it being grey and foggy for two months straight. Hardly any sun to lighten up the mood.
Plus January is one hell of an expensive month with all the bills coming in, taxes waiting to be paid etc.

@Bella @fitheach Cold and snowy would be nice. Today was nice and clear but most of the time so far it's been dark and grey and wet. But I notice the days are getting longer.

@wim_v12e Yes! That I notice too 🎉 Since the start of 2022 we have had a maximum of two sunny days in this area. And that is not enough to keep going *sigh* @fitheach


I suspect I live on almost exactly the other side of the North Sea to where you are and we get all this same weather; today there was a bit of sun and it wasn't excessively cold outside - I was able to wash the car before it got grey and dark again which is the first time since 21 November (and I have driven nearly 1700km since then as I was visiting relatives in SE England over Christmas..)

@wim_v12e @fitheach

@vfrmedia Lucky you! No sun here. But this is Krefeld, well known for its meteorological divide *sigh*
@wim_v12e @fitheach

@fitheach Why do you have the TV on at work in an office environment? Or is it small company?

PS. I would have allowed 1.5 songs of pop cover versions before hitting the Off button.
@fitheach Yes. I used to start in a small Internet startup (20 employees - mainly aged under 30) where the CEO played his music at loud volumes when he felt like it. It was all Hip-Hop shite. It nearly forced me to resign.

Also, he had a BBS Sound Effects CD with stream trains, blood curdling screams etc that he used to play prior to an Angel Investor visit.

Christ. That place was an absolute mad-house. I didn't get rich from the dot com boom but I might have been better off writing a book about my experiences.

Your performance evaluation would've been interesting when you raised the issue of too loud hip-hop.

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