Shouldn't that be Ayr Fried Potatoes? 😉

Looks good.

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Very well spotted !!
It was very nice,
I would eat Haggis once a week.
Have to say your meal looked pretty good.

Cousin from Inverness got his haggis from Dingwall,
Mine came from Asda.


I used to live around the corner from MacSween's of Edinburgh, one of the most famous haggis producers. Their haggis is great.

@fitheach @stannard The Dingwall one is fabulous, Cockburn's I think?
Sadly they do not make a Gluten free version so we haven't been able to have any since my wife was given her Coeliac diagnosis!
There are alternatives of course but none so tasty as the Dingwall offering.

@Jkp @fitheach
I plan to try one of the Dingwall haggii the next time I go up there.
I will ask cuz the name of the maker, perhaps buy online.

This gluten free thing is becoming quite an issue these days, More and more of our friends need to avoid it.

btw Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer is gluten free and our spar has gluten free Stella Artois.

Something to console yourself with ?

@stannard @fitheach Thanks, beer is def. A biggie but there are now koads od dedixated G.F. beer producers because its big business.
As we tell the catering establishments, if you can't cater for the one coeliac in a group then you loose the entire group!
I'm the fortunate one as I am fine with gluten but am out in solidarity with my wife. Its easier than trying to keep things separate...two toasters, separate chopping boards etc etc

@Jkp @fitheach
I understand the wish to keep things simple.
My wife has allergy to shellfish, Prawns etc.
So I dont have them either, Cross contamination is bigger than I thought. !
The upside, is it makes her throat constrict and she cant speak.
Every cloud eh ?

@Jkp @fitheach
So far, breathing has not been a problem.
Thankfully she now recognises early signs that something has been in contact with prawns and pushes it away before it has much effect
Things like shared knives or chopping boards in pub kitchens etc.
Prawn crackers however are fine !?

@stannard @fitheach One of ky work colleagues once turned up with a huge red swelling on her cheek. On enquiring as to it's source she told me that her partner had been eating peanuts and gave her a goodbye "peck on the cheek'. She has a peanut allergy!
That is a serious allergy definitely.

@Jkp @fitheach
Thanks for that, Carriage cost is a bit high just for a trial order, Probably wait until we are up that way in the better weather.

@stannard @fitheach Well, if you like Haggis I'm almost certain you will gain a new favourite here 😄

@Jkp @stannard
Still have not got around to ordering a proper haggis, although I did buy one from Aldi. Might have it to-night.

Nope. Due to the snow I got home too late. The haggis takes about 90 mins to cook. Definitely to-night. Not sure haggis goes with red wine; I'll let you know.


@fitheach @Jkp
Not sure I should admit to this, But we had Haggis ding !
6 minutes in the microwave and the Red went down very well. Finished the meal with a nice Cranachan and a few drams.
However, a Dingwall version is on my todo list.

@stannard @Jkp
Red wine definitely doesn't go with haggis. The haggis I got from Aldi was rubbish. It was branded "MacAuley", but, that might be a pretend brand from the supermarket.

@fitheach @Jkp
Ah, well, too many variables perhaps.
Hope it wasnt Aldi wine 😅

Cabernet Sauvignon from Estevez, Chile, bought at Aldi. It might also be an Aldi brand. The wine itself is quite nice, although not as quaffable as my current favourite, Kooliburra Shiraz.


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