I saw about 50 people wandering about outside, with their face masks on. Unusual to see so many people with masks outside. Then I realised they were all tourists from the same coach party. I presume, they had to wear masks all the time. Must get tiring.

@fitheach It wasn't too long ago, I was in Madison, WI, and about half of the people exercising outside had masks on. At the time there was no mandate. I'm pro mask, but I sort of draw the line if I'm going for a run, hike, or a bike ride.


Me too. If I know that I will be some distance from other people it makes no sense to wear a mask. I have been in the situation where I had to wear a mask for extended periods (when working, for example), and it does become tiresome.

I do wonder if mask wearing will continue when the pandemic is over. It seems to be commonplace in Asia, but, not in Europe.

@fitheach Yeah. I'm a little concerned about the long term social effect; how we interact with people on a personal level. I come from a sub-culture where hugging is an okay and common thing to do, if only a half hug/hand shake thing.

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