@fitheach This is a regular for us also.
I find you have to ramp up the Bolognese seasoning to compensate for the relatively bland courgetti but I find it a fitting replacement for the carbs.
Tend to get hungry again quite quickly though.


Yeah, but, the "relatively bland" courgetti is a whole lot more tasty than (almost) tasteless spaghetti. Plus, I cook it in a lot of butter.

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@fitheach How do you deal with the loads of water rgat comes out if the courgetti?
Since we , as I have said before, have to use gluten free spaghetti, it's actually ine if the success stories if the G.F. adventure and is tastier than the 'normal' alternative. Its made from maize and rice flour's so slightly more flavour, and we are talking very slightly here before you rush out to stock up 😁
I take your point though, we do like our spiralizer 😁
Butter is your kitchen friend!

Heavy pan, high heat, no lid, butter, and cook the courgetti quickly. A little liquid comes out, which evaporates quickly. The remaining liquid is trapped in the courgetti.

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