My Top Ten female Metal vocalists (in no particular order):

Amy Lee
Floor Jansen
Dianne van Giersbergen
Simone Simons
Lisa Middelhauve
Sharon den Adel
Tarja Turunen
Lzzy Hale
Elize Ryd
Brittney Hayes
Cristina Scabbia

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I'm gutted no-one noticed my Top Ten was a list of eleven.

My Top Ten Male Metal vocalists (in no particular order):

Ozzy Osbourne
Thomas Youngblood
David Coverdale
Ian Gillan
Ronnie James Dio
Bruce Dickinson
Juan José Fornés
Till Lindemann
Ian Anderson
Roy Khan
Marco Hietala

Aye, she is super. Great stage presence, too.

@fitheach Yep. And every time I hear her in an interview I am overwhelmed by how kind and humble she is. She is the reason why I came to love Nightwish (and well, Marko maybe too 😉).
This makes me so very happy:

I've never heard Floor give an interview.

Nightwish have a lot of great songs. However, possibly my favourite is "The Islander", which is very much Marko's song.

I wonder what Marko is doing now.

@fitheach Have you ever seen/heard this version of The Islander?

Okay, I have to stop fangirling about these two 😊

Just outside my "Top Ten". There are just so many great female Metal vocalists.

Everyone's top ten will be different. 😃

Nicely done, bringing two (Metal) threads together.

Ah yes, I've come across him in Northern Kings.

Feel free to compose your own Top Ten. 😃

Here are some of my favourite male singers (in no particular order) whose voices make my heart beat faster:
Marko Hietala 😉
George Michael
Devin Townsend
Damian Wilson
Dani Filth
Danger Dan
Avi Kaplan
Darren Percival
Dave Gahan
Marc Lavoine.


@fitheach And an honorary mention goes out to the singer from Sleep Token.

@Bella @fitheach I'd never make it to 10 let alone 11.

I didn't keep up with metal so it would still be Klaus Meine and Rob Halford for me; and maybe Udo Dirkschneider.

For female singers in general, in no particular order:

- Teresa Salgueiro (Madredeus)
- Debbie Harry (Blondie)
- Yuu (Chirinuruwowaka)
- Björk

@Bella @fitheach
I also always liked Annie Lennox's voice, and right now I'd also add Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast

@wim_v12e Most of mine aren't metal 😉 To me it is all about voices, not genres.

As for the ladies:
Floor Jansen 😉
Mary J. Blige
Barbra Streisand
Lisa Stansfield
Lauren Hill
Sarah Connor
Courtney LaPlante

(of which two are 'Metal').

And yes, Annie Lennox' voice is awesome!

Separating vocalists by genre allows me to have expanded lists. This way I can have 11 Classical singers, plus 11 Folk singers, plus 11 Metal singers etc.


@fitheach Yep, that makes sense. I just don't have that many favourite singers 😁

@Bella @fitheach
I was surprised how few I could name. For a lot of the music I listen to, I think objectively the singers are not all that special.

@wim_v12e But do the singers have to be special?
I named singers whose voices I adore. They could sing an entire phone book to me (to the youngsters: There once was a thick book that all of us had at home. Next to our landline telephone. Said book contained telephone numbers and addresses of those who lived in our town. Yes, just our town.) and I would listen to them with such delight. There is something in their voices that touches me. They're special to me.

@Bella @fitheach

What I meant is that for a lot of the music I listen to, the voice is just one component. I don't listen to it for the voices, I listen for the overall sound. For example, I can't say that I adore the voice of Ronan Harris, but I love many of VNV Nation's songs. I do love the emotion with which he sings. But it is the combination of the sound, the song structure, the lyrics that appeals to me.
Whereas for the ones I listed, the voice is really special to me.

@fitheach to my shame, I don't (currently) listen to much music BUT

2 artists I would add

Daniel Tompkins (Tesseract and self-titled) listen here:

Einar Solberg (Leprous)
Whilst not Leprous, I found a bandcamp track with him singing here:

Both have magnificent voices.

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